The Second Rise of Bread

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October 25, 2019
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November 13, 2019

Could it be that carbs aren’t as forbidden in mainstream America as they have been in recent years? Is the buttery, crunchy, delectable loaf on the rise once again? We’re happy to report that not only is bread back on the upswing, but is dubbing the re-rise of bread a “renaissance,” which naturally started where most things do these days — on social media.

The second time can certainly be a charm, especially where bread is concerned. Just like the second proofing is done in order to add additional volume, change yeast’s flavor and provide finer texture, the second rising of bread in commercial settings is providing innovative bakeries with ways to re-knead bread in exciting ways. 

Facebook IQ’s 2019 Topics & Trends Report echoed BakeryandSnacks thoughts on bread’s renaissance — bread was the most shared item according to the publication’s Most Popular and Most Shared Stores of 2018, and 2019 was no different. Bread content articles regarding bioavailability of nutrients, naturally fermented doughs resulting in lower glycemic indexes and slow carb baking were of particular notice this year. And, the hottest topic on Facebook with 54% of 34-54-year-olds? Einkorn wheat. 

Lucie Greene, global director at The Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson Intelligence and report contributor, said that food start-ups are innovating breads, raising awareness that not all bread is bad. “We also see interest in baking overall growing as, for example, conversation about crust is in on the rise,” she said. 

The LloydPans team searched high (and higher) for some of our favorite loaves, perfect for high-volume wholesale bakeries or retail bread makers. 

Savory Stuffing Bread
Just in time for Thanksgiving, add a dash of poultry seasoning and celery salt to this loaf for the perfect pairing to stuffing. Loaves can be served as a side to dinners or sliced for sandwiches.

Maple Bubble Bread
Breakfast lovers are in for a treat — both savory and sweet is woven into this bread, complete with brown sugar and cinnamon. 

Pumpkin Swirl Bread
Pumpkin lovers rejoice! We have a bread for you that’s especially soft due to the cream cheese center. Combine pumpkin, nuts, nutmegs and cloves for a fall delight.

Bacon Walnut Bread with Honey Butter
Fold in walnuts and bacon bits with honey butter ingredients and you have a savory loaf that can be baked with or without blue cheese dressing. This one is perfect for unique, added flavor. 

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Bread
This bread’s consistency is great for smaller groups or mass production. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, raisins, walnuts and of course, sweet potatoes give these loaves that moist, spicy mouthfeel that we all crave.
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