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October 21, 2019
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Trick-or-treating is a time-honored tradition, but do you know how far Halloween parties date back? November 1, designated way back in the 8th century, is the day to honor the saints. All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween as we colloquially know it, is the time for festive gathering and eating treats — which don’t stop at candy or candy bars. 

Baked goods and finger foods (no Halloween pun intended) served at Halloween parties make for great table decorations and conversation starters (who doesn’t love the slimy feel of grapes as eyeballs?), and they can be a great way to incorporate innovation in baking. 

If you’re looking for new ways to incorporate baked goods onto your Halloween shelves or displays, the LloydPans Food Solution Team has searched every cobwebbed nook and cranny for our favorite ideas.


You’re stuck with a monster decision: cake pops are trending, but customers want their cake and eat it too. We love this Monster Cake, complete with googly-eyed cake pops as toppers. This cake not only takes the guesswork out of choosing which cake to make — it includes both — but it’s also a visually-friendly idea for Halloween displays.

If you’re craving a cake with a wow factor, this Salted Caramel Apple Snickers Cake is sure to turn heads. This cake that would make even the Bride of Frankenstein happy satisfies the Halloween trifecta: caramel apples, candy (Snickers is always a hit) and of course, cake. 


Baking for the masses is much easier with sheets of cookies, and these ideas are a cut above the rest. Sink your teeth into Dracula Denture cookies, which can be made with any type of cookie — this recipe calls for a simple chocolate chip — mini marshmallows and red frosting. Prep time on a yield of 12 is only 10 minutes, which doesn’t bite.

For those who love to decorate, we recommend Cookie Skulls and Pumpkin Sugar Cookies. Honoring both the Day of the Dead and Halloween, this recipe is wonderful for bakers with wonderful piping skills and creative juices.


Cupcakes are great for Halloween and incredibly easy to mass produce. But, we went in search of cupcakes with a twist, and after clearing a few cobwebs, we found some hair raisingly good ones. Monster Cupcakes are old hat, but the cotton candy hair was what set these apart. Cotton candy can be tricky to work with, so don’t lose your head.

For cupcakes to die for, we turned to the Grim Reaper for inspiration. Peeps candy, color mist and skull molds complete the Grim Reaper toppers to these cupcakes that include bone sprinkles to round out the graveyard-like flair.

Snacky Bakes

For a savory treat, let’s eat some fingers! Jalapeno Mummy Fingers, that is. The poppers are made with googly eyes peering out from in between layers of baked crescent roll dough. They are a visually appealing alternative to sweets, and for a variation, try the recipe for Baked Bacon Ranch Jalapeno Poppers.

We love our pizza here at LloydPans, and have we got a frighteningly good Halloween twist on this classic. Since this Monster Pizza Dip is crustless, we recommend a Deep Dish Pan to hold the dip firmly in place. A fast, easy-to-make bake, just add eyeball candy to olive toppers for effect. 

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the biggest party holidays of the year, and with these great baking ideas, your bakery or kitchen is sure to be a hit. Don’t forget that LloydPans’ bakeware is made with Dura-Kote® and Silver-Kote® finishes that are water-based and solvent-free. We manufacture an extensive line of cake pans; bread pans; sheet pans; pie pans and tools; and cake rings and baking molds that would make Morticia Addams snap her fingers with delight.

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