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October 18, 2019
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After a decade of demands of no soggy bottoms, puddings (no, not the JELL-O kind, the British variety), great bakes, tent meltdowns and pure television entertainment from a select elite of amateur home bakers, Americans have been engrossed in the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) competition. 

Throughout the years, we’ve seen an array of baking tasks —some completely foreign to American viewers — tested by the program’s three challenge sets: the Signature Challenge, which tests the bakers’ own at-home bakes; the Technical Challenge, which tests technical knowledge with limited instructions of the same recipe; and the Showstopper Challenge, which showcases professional appearance, skills and talent. In celebration of the 10th season starting this month, the LloydPans team has narrowed down our top 5 most scrumptious GBBO bakes that easily translate to American commercial kitchens.

Victoria Sponge Cake

Ah, the staple of English teatime, the two-layer cake leaves room for a layer of jam and whipped cream in between. Cut into sandwiches for serving purposes, we can thank Queen Victoria for adding the sponge cake to afternoon tea, as well as an additional late afternoon snack time that included small cakes, sandwiches and other assorted sweets. The practice of sharing tea and Victoria Sponge has lasted for centuries, and we’re all for an added excuse to be social surrounded by sweets. For a great-tasting Victoria Sponge, we went straight to former judge Mary Berry’s recipe

British Scones

A season 2 technical challenge was the British scone and experts will tell you there is a difference between the way Americans and the Brits create them, but most bakers will say it’s all about the butter and the mix-ins. For the purely British take, try out Paul Hollywood’s scone recipe

Queen of Puddings

We head back to the Queen for this traditional British dessert. The baked mixture of custard, cake and jam topped with meringue harkens back to the 17th century, where recipes included soaking various breads — noted as puddings— in milk. Make your own pudding with Mary Berry’s recipe.

Bread: Dampfnudel

The GBBO is known for its array of bread challenges, from focaccia to pita to baguettes to naan, celebrating international cultures through doughy delights. We thought the Dampfnudel was one to highlight, a white or sweet bread roll hailing From Germany, Austria and France. Traditional Dampfnudel’s dough is formed into fist-sized balls and left to rise. Then they are cooked in a closed pot or high-rimmed iron lidded pan. A delicious brown crust forms at the bottom, with the tops remaining white. It can be served as a savory side with cabbage, lentil soup or salad, or as a dessert with custard, jam or fruit. Paul Hollywood’s recipe dubs them as German Sweet Dumplings.

Egg Custard Tarts

The joy of these tarts is that they can be made in small or larger, pie form. Paul Hollywood’s version is a “slightly nutty short-crust pastry that ‘makes the perfect crumbly case for a rich egg custard topped with nutmeg.’” 

Bringing the amateur baking atmosphere to the commercial masses is highly doable with  LloydPans’ array of bakeware — pie pans, muffin tins, bread pans, baking molds and more. On your mark, get set, BAKE!

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