Artisan Bread, Healthful Indulgence in the Cookie Aisle and the “Baked Goods Triangle”

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June 4, 2019
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June 25, 2019

Summer is heating up, but these five baking industry news article will cool you down with information ranging from local grains to a big acquisition in the refrigerated bar market. Step inside, enjoy the air conditioning and catch up on the top stories in the world of baked goods.

Zingerman’s Bakehouse Draws on Local Grains

It’s common for restaurants to source their ingredients locally, but much more difficult for retail bakeries to do the same. These bakeries rely on grains and flours that typically are only grown in certain parts of the country. This interesting article on Zingerman’s Bakehouse details the efforts the company is making to partner with local farmers to grow specific grains for their specific products.

State of the Industry 2019: The Cookie Category Sees Strategic Growth Through Expanding Niches

Every year, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery provides an in-depth analysis on the major categories in the baking and snack industries. We suggest reading them all, but start with their take on the cookie industry found here. Like most other categories, cookies are suffering from an identity crisis. Are they healthy or indulgent? Or can they be both?

Baker Focus on Artisan Bread Intensifies

We’ve seen countless articles this year claiming that “bread is back,” and we couldn’t be happier about it. This article offers a unique take on the rise of “artisanship” in the retail bread aisle, long the domain of cheap white bread. This story details the efforts to create more valued products by some of the largest bread bakers in the country.

Mondelez to Acquire Snack Bar Maker Perfect Snacks

Maybe we were wrong about the refrigerated bar category? Although we’ve enjoyed some delicious bars from the refrigerated case, we didn’t think most consumers would buy into the cold case as being a destination for snack bars. With the recent acquisition of Perfect Bar from global food giant Mondelez International, the refrigerated bar category is expected to gain even more shelf space. Read all about the acquisition here.

Puratos Unveils Nine Trends Impacting the Baking Industry’s Future

We love a good trend story, and ingredient supplier Puratos brings us a surprising one mid-year. analyzes the predictions, which includes “The Baked Goods Triangle” of taste, health and freshness.


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