Super Cheesy Pizzas, Pinsa Romana Flour and the Worst Frozen Pizzas

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May 8, 2019
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May 20, 2019

We’ve got an exciting pizza news roundup for you today, including an interesting look at Pinsa Romana flour, and how it can be used to create better Roman-style pizza. From a fun perspective, check out the article on the best and worst frozen pizzas.

How to Make a Smarter Roman-Style Pizza

We all love lists, and PMQ Magazine brings us this great one detailing five things about Pinsa Romana flour. Our favorite: “Pinsa tastes really, really good.” We’re big fans of Roman-style pizza at LloydPans, and we’re on board with anything that makes them taste better.

Pizza Without Borders – Some Italians Jumping Ship on True Neapolitan Pizza

Sticking in Italy, it seems Italians are starting to consider health factors before choosing their pizza. Although our hearts are breaking at the thought, we get it. Interestingly enough, ancient grains and flours are now being considered, which some experts in this article argue is more traditional than the “00” flour being used now.

Tony’s Trending Recipe: Asparagus Pizza

We love spring and fresh asparagus. We also love pizza. But the two of them together? We’ll give it a shot, and we must admit, this Pizza Today recipe for asparagus pizza does look delicious.

This Pizza has 41 Types of Cheese from 41 Countries Around the World

If any industry loves pushing the boundary on excess, it’s the pizza industry. This latest entrant into the craziest pizza of the year celebrates the 67thEurovision Song Contest by including a cheese from each participating country. Interesting idea, but we think we’ll pass.

Where Does Your Go-To Frozen Pizza Rank? We Tried 15, and the Worst One Might Surprise You

We don’t normally cover frozen pizza because, well, fresh is always better. However, we couldn’t pass up this article detailing the best and worst frozen pizzas.


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