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April 22, 2019
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Photo Credit: Lindsay Eileen Photography

As Spring breaks its grip from old man winter, we at LloydPans start thinking about wedding season. Our round and square cake pans have been used to bake countless wedding cakes, and this year will be no different. What will be different are the main trends you’ll see in wedding cake design in 2019. It will be a summer wedding season full of half-naked, single-serve, tiled, greenery and non-cake cakes, and we can’t wait. Here are our top five trends for wedding cake designs.

Half-Naked Wedding Cakes

In 2019, cakes will become a bit more modest after many years of naked cakes wowing wedding guests. The naked cake trend has evolved with more icing, but still a hint of bare-crumb showing through. We actually think this design works better for wedding cakes as it offers a bit more sophistication and artistry.

Nursery Wedding Cakes

We’re not talking a baby nursery; we’re talking a full-scale garden nursery on a cake. Edible flowers have been used for years, but cakes this year will see bakers take this even further with everything from moss to ferns making appearances on wedding cakes.

Single-Serve Wedding Cakes

Remember the first wedding that you went to that served cupcakes instead of cakes? Us too. It was like a light bulb went off, and we immediately questioned why everyone wasn’t doing it. Then, everyone was doing it. Since brides and grooms are always striving for uniqueness, cupcakes are now passé and actually mini-cakes are in. These single-serve masterpieces will wow each guest, in addition to whoever has to pay for the cakes.

Tile-Style Wedding Cakes

Full disclaimer: we just went through a bathroom remodel. I’ve seen enough tile samples to last me a lifetime. However, I’m preparing myself for even more this summer as cake decorators apply tile-style designs on a range of wedding cakes. When done correctly, the results are amazing. However, a tile motif is very easy to mess up, so be warned.

Non-Cake Wedding Cakes

Not our favorite trend (they don’t need pans!), but one we need to mention nonetheless. Expect to see more non-cakes at weddings this year, with everything from candy buffets to donut bars subbing in for the traditional wedding cake.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Eileen Photography

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