Burgers, Coffee, Ramen and Godiva Chocolate. Check Please!

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April 16, 2019
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May 1, 2019

Spring menus are in full-swing and we’re loving the early season vegetables poppin up on menus throughout foodservice establishments. However, summer is just around the corner and we start this wrap-up of foodservice news with two burger stories! Happy reading!

Thought Bubble: The Impossible Whopper

We’ve had our fair share of Impossible Burgers, first at a fine dining establishment and then at a myriad of brew-pubs catering to vegetarian consumers. However, we have yet to try Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, but we’re intrigued. This blog post from Mintel shares two top-food analysts opinions of the launch and its potential success/failure.

Celebrating Hamburger Day, Week and Month

Did you know May was National Hamburger Month? It makes sense. Extend summer by one month to capitalize on consumers itching to grill or frequent their favorite burger establishment. Foodservice News takes a look at National Hamburger Month from a historical perspective, as well as offering up a few ideas to make the most out of the May celebration.

Coffee Drinking Trends

Did you know that nearly two in three individuals consumed coffee on a typical day? Or, that the majority of this coffee is consumed at home? You’ll learn these stats and many more in Total Food Service’s look at coffee trends in 2019.

Ramen Bar Huge Hit with High Schoolers

When we were in high school, adventurous cafeteria fare usually consisted of not knowing what type of meat was actually being served. Today, school cafeterias have gone upscale, and one Arkansas district is loving its new Build Your Own Ramen Bar. Food Management has the story.

Godiva Opens New Café Concept in the United States

Retail is risky, so it surprised us a bit when Godiva Chocolatier announced plans to expand its footprint to 2,000 cafes worldwide in the next six years. A big focus for the company is growth in the United States anchored by the recently opened New York City café, which includes a variety of bakery foods. The star of the menu is sure to be the Croiffle, a croissant pressed in a hot waffle iron. Read more from Food Business News.

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