Who’s Making News? We are!

Pizza Industry News: Detroit Pizza Takes Over the Country
January 14, 2019
Pizza Al Taglio: We Answer All your Questions
January 28, 2019

We’ll be honest. We’re used to letting our customers take the spotlight while we sit in the background content that our pans helped them achieve success. But every once in a while, we make news. We thought we’d brag a bit and showcase our favorite articles that talk about our company and pans.

Square Pizza Corners a Market in San Francisco

This great article from Eater San Francisco talks about Detroit-style pizza taking over the Bay Area. In addition to featuring many of our customers, the article also quotes our very own Robert Johnson! Read the full article.

Marco’s Pizza and Its Suppliers are Expanding Rapidly

“When we wanted to start making pan pizza, they came up with a pan that worked. When we wanted a pan that provided a better bake on our CheezyBread, they came up with it. When we wanted gluten-free pizza, they came up with a screen to cook it on.” We love this article about our great client Marco’s Pizza!

Lloyd Industries’ Plan Beyond Pans

Our hometown newspaper wrote this great article on the work we do outside of pizza tools, bakeware and cookware. Our metal fabrication capabilities have helped many of our foodservice customers realize their custom equipment needs. Check out the great article and pictures!

Detroit-Style Pan Pizza Recipe

This article has legs! First appearing in early February 2017, we continue to get positive coverage from this definitive Detroit pizza recipe from the popular J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. Two years later, we don’t see any slowdown in the popularity of Detroit pizzas and we don’t expect to. Read the article.

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