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November 27, 2018
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December 10, 2018

Pizza by the slice, Italian style! It’s quite a departure from what we’re used to in the USA, where pizza by the slice is served in triangular pieces. Throughout Italy, they serve Pizza Al Taglio in individual square servings, baked in a large rectangular pan.

As for the pizza itself, an open, airy crust is the star. To obtain the desired crust texture, you’re going to use more water than usual and cold-ferment the dough. The high-moisture content plus cold fermentation gives the crust larger holes, similar to the interior an artisan crusty bread.

As for toppings, get creative. For mainstream consumers, start with a margherita pizza. For more adventurous customers, go with prosciutto, potato and rosemary. And although this pizza style is taking off in America, you’ll have to explain to most customers the history and tradition of this square slice!

Why did you develop this pan?

Not to brag, but we’re the industry leader in regional-based pizza pans, especially when it comes to square pies. Just check out our Detroit Pizza Pans, Grandma Pans and Sicilian Pans. For our Roman Style Pizza Al Taglio Pans, we wanted to be authentic as possible. We crafted the pans to replicate the sizes and shapes of classic Roman pans used in Italy. We offer both full- and half-size pans, measuring 40x60cm and 20x60cm respectively.

Although we stuck with custom sizes, our coating system and pan construction definitely don’t harken back to Roman days of yore. We constructed our Roman Style Pizza Al Taglio Pans with heavy 12-gauge aluminum and then applied our PSTK finish. This pan is durable and features a permanent stick resistant coating that also is metal utensil safe. It’s the perfect pan for baking pizzas and serving the square slices from.

Learn more and purchase Roman Style Pizza Al Taglio Pans online!

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