Pie Innovations, the Coming Gluten Crisis and Thanksgiving Menus

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November 5, 2018
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November 15, 2018

Do you have your meal planned out for Thanksgiving yet? If not, get to it! We’ve saved you some time to focus on your prep by compiling a list of news stories from the baking industry. Read, enjoy and good luck on roasting that perfect turkey!

Thanksgiving-themed items bring the holiday early to bakery menus

Although most people spend the Thanksgiving holiday at home, cravings for turkey, pumpkin pie and other traditional Thanksgiving offerings are prevalent throughout November. This article from Bake magazine details bakeries that have put special Thanksgiving products on their menus. Our favorite from the story? Milk Bar’s Thanksgiving Croissant!

The impending gluten crisis

BakingBusiness.com takes an important look at how declining wheat quality and increasing ash content in flour has changed bread formulas, and not for the better. The changing composition of flour has required bread bakers to supplement their formulas with vital wheat gluten, enzymes and more.

To increase impulse purchases, pie makers get creative

When was the last non-holiday occasion when you bought a pie? Most of our readers probably can’t even remember. Pie sales are mainly holiday driven, but some pie manufacturers are trying to change this by launching innovative new products and packaging. Read more about increasing pie sales from January to September.

Puffworks Baby Organic Peanut Butter Puffs

As the food industry evolves to be more customizable and targeted, we’ve recently taken note of the amount of new products marketed toward infants and kids. We love this new product from Puffworks, which is a Peanut Butter Puff designed to reduce peanut allergies by introducing peanuts to infants.

Today’s happy pictures of donuts

We know how stressful the holidays can be. So, we thought we’d close this news round-up by linking to this slideshow of amazing

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