The Hot 100 Indie Pizzerias, Family-Friendly Dining and a Juicy Lucy Pizza

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October 23, 2018
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November 5, 2018

The leaves are changing, nights are becoming very cool and the days are getting shorter. Whether you love it or hate it, fall brings about many changes. What hasn’t changed is our dedication to bringing you up to speed on the latest news in the pizza industry!

What do the top-grossing independent pizzerias have in common?

We love this annual survey from Pizza Today on the Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias. It’s full of amazing and usable data, including some of these gems: Ohio leads the list of states with the most pizzerias in the Hot 100, 97% of pizzerias serve salad and 79% offer catering options.

Vote or pie: group will deliver pizzas to polling stations with long lines

The Takeout takes a look at Pizza to the Polls, a group that raises money to serve pizzas to polling places with long lines. Currently, the group has $7,000 to spend on free pizza, just for playing your role in our democracy.

Making your pizzeria more family-friendly

This great article from PMQ Pizza Magazine offers seven valuable tips for making your establishment more welcoming to families. Our favorite tip: Hire servers who actually like kids. “If your waitstaff know how to talk comfortably with children, they’ll create a welcoming atmosphere that the entire family will remember.”

The next great mashup? The Juicy Lucy burger and pizza

The Juicy Lucy is decadent enough. It’s a burger with cheese inside the patty instead of on top of it. It’s a Minneapolis institution, and one that has inevitably found itself in a pizza. Check out how Giordano’s is paying homage to the Juicy Lucy in a deep dish pizza.

Where’d the spoons go, what’s with all the cauliflower and other dining trends in 2018

Although it feels like we already have one foot in 2019, this article tackles the dining trends impacting 2018. From a pizza perspective, the article correctly looks at the rising use of cauliflower in all food applications, even pizza crusts.





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