Product Innovation: Oven Roasters

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October 15, 2018
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Every restaurant and foodservice operation chef knows one thing: you cook with the equipment you have, not the equipment you wish you had. Space, time and other constraints often limits a kitchen’s setup. For example, sometimes a chef may want the crispiness a deep fryer delivers to chicken wings, but they just don’t have a deep fryer available.

With LloydPans innovative oven roaster pans, restaurants and foodservice operations can add extra crispiness and remove some of the fat from chicken wings, sliders, ribs and other proteins. This two-piece baking system features dimpled feet on the bottom of the baking surface, which gives it clearance from the tray beneath it.

With the Oven Roaster pan, your food won’t sit and stew in its own juices. Your food will not get soggier every minute it bakes. Instead, the innovative baking pans keep foods high and dry, resulting in crispier products and a cleaner oven!

Oven Roasters are available in quarter-, half- and full-sheet pan sizes and a 13-inch round pan. Each pan features LloydPans’ proprietary Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote Finish and are heat safe to 700ºF. Oven Roaster sets include both the perforated disk with nibs (or feet) and a tray for oil collection.

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