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September 10, 2018
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September 17, 2018

Have you heard the news? We recently made the big decision to lower the prices of all of our products. Every single one of them. And we’re not talking about a sale. This is a permanent move for all purchases made on

We’ve taken your favorite pizza pans and pizza tools, baking pans and accessories, and foodservice pans and equipment and cut prices. Why? As the popularity of our pans grows, so do our manufacturing capabilities and efficiencies. We make our pans in the USA, and we’re able to make them more efficiently than ever before.

We decided to pass these savings to our customers. We’ve been making pans for almost 20 years, and our customers have been loyal the whole time. Make sure to head over to and check out all of our new pricing. Here are just three products you can buy now at a better price than ever before.

Detroit Pizza Pans: Our immensely popular Detroit-style pizza pans have the same durable construction, but a new lower price. Purchase our 8×10 pan for $23.74, or the 10×14 pan for $30.29. Shop for Detroit-style pizza pans.

Round Cake Pans: You won’t find a better cake pan in the industry, and now you can select from an assortment of sizes at new lower pricing. Our popular 9-inch cake pan now sells for $11.57. If you add our Silver-Kote finish, the cost is $17.43. This essential pan will last you a lifetime. Shop for round cake pans.

Diamond Grill Pans: These innovative pans allow you to impart desirable grill marks in a conventional oven. You can purchase them today in three sizes ranging from $16.79 to $47.71. Shop for Diamond Grill pans.

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