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July 3, 2018
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July 23, 2018

It’s hot outside, and no doubt, even hotter in bakeries and restaurants across the country. Since you’re too busy keeping cool, we’ve compiled the latest baking and snack industry news for you.

Clean-label snack and bakery products become more prevalent as consumer interest grows

Five years ago, neither consumers nor food manufacturers were buying or promoting clean label products. Today, the trend has established itself as a simple fact of new product development. Bakeries around the world are developing new products with fewer and more familiar ingredient lists. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery has the story.

GreenSpace Brands Launches Meatbar

Hot take: meat bars. Old take: meat sticks. Yes, meat snacks are evolving from roadtrip fare to high-protein, clean label snacks. There’s even a premium segment in the meat snack aisle now. GreenSpace Brands is trying to capitalize on the category’s popularity with the launch of Meatbar™.

Insect-enriched bread could answer consumer demand for high proteins

Bug bread. Yep. That’s where we’re heading according to a study out of Italy, which recommends the use of cricket powder in bread to help improve nutrition. The positive: higher protein breads! The negative: spore-forming bacteria! Jury still out on this one…

Health Warrior Lower Sugar Chia Bars

Sugar has become the new tobacco, and Health Warrior has been a leader in limiting the amount of sugar in its line of snack bars. The company’s newest line of Chia Bars touts only 3g of sugar and 100 calories per serving.

Pringles Nashville Hot Chicken Chips

Perhaps Nashville’s second largest export to the United States (Country music is #1) is hot chicken. What once was a regional specialty has now gone nationwide with restaurants throughout the United States offering their take on hot chicken. Now, Kellogg’s and its Pringles brand are getting in on the act, launching a limited-time-only Pringles Nashville Hot Chicken Flavor.


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