Healthy snacks, pizza, donuts and playlists dominate baking news

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Summer has officially started, and LloydPans is celebrating the warmer temperatures by catching you up with the latest news in the baking industry. 

PepsiCo expands better-for-you snack options

In a big move indicative of the current state of the snack industry, PepsiCo Inc., which owns the popular Frito-Lay brand, has entered into an agreement to acquire Bare Foods Inc., makers of Bare Snacks. Known for its fruit and vegetable chips, Bare Snacks will bolster PepsiCo’s exposure to consumers craving healthy snacks.

What’s ancient is new in the snack aisle

Ancient grains are making a comeback in the baking and snack aisle, and a new product from Anicent inGRAINed Snack promises to be the first-to-market 100% ancient grain snacks. Ka-Pop! Chips are made with 100% ancient grains grown in the United States, and come in four varieties: Olive Oil & Sea Salt; Rosemary & Garlic; Dairy-Free Cheddar; and Sea Salt & Vinegar.

Pizza and donuts?

Papa John’s is getting into the donut business, debuting a new line of donut holes to its dessert menu. The new item from the popular pizza chain retails for $4.99 and includes 10 cinnamon sugar-coated donut holes filled with caramel cream. Learn more here.

Our ears are bigger than our stomach

Want your consumers to indulge on sugar- and butter-laden bakery foods? Crank up the Metallica to 11. Looking for your consumers to nosh on healthier fare, play some Enya at barely audible levels. This, according to a new study that looks at how background music in restaurants impacts food choice.

Booze and breakfast cereal donuts

What’s the craziest donut flavor you’ve had? According to a recently released Donut Day survey from Dawn Foods, Millennial consumers are seeking the unique and adventurous when it comes to donuts. Some top flavors include S’mores, mango, alcohol-inspired and breakfast cereal.

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