Sweet Home Chicago: NRA Show 2018

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May 7, 2018
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The trucks are on the way to Chicago and our team will be on the road as well in a couple of days. It’s time for the NRA Show 2018, the International Foodservice Marketplace! This is the biggest show in the world in the foodservice industry, and we’re always excited to be showcasing our innovative line of Foodservice cookware.

In the foodservice industry, we have carved out a niche with innovative specialty pans, allowing restaurants or institutions to recreate high-in-demand products, even if they don’t have all of the necessary equipment.

For example, our Panini Grill Pans allow restaurants to create a panini’s grill marks without the use of a panini press. Instead, these pans allow chefs to use conveyor or conventional ovens to impart appetizing grill marks. These pans come in three sizes and are heat safe up to 700°F.

Our Diamond Grill Pans also provide restaurant operators the ability to use a conventional, conveyor or Speed Bake oven to cook proteins with impressive grill marks. The LloydPans test kitchen worked hard on this project and the results are amazing. The Diamond Grill Pan works in multiple ovens and imparts grill marks on steak, chicken and seafood.

At this year’s NRA Show, we’ll also be showcasing our Oven Roaster pans. This 2-piece baking system makes it possible for pizzerias and foodservice operations to add extra crispiness and remove some of the fat from chicken wings, sliders, ribs and more! The innovative baking pans keep foods high and dry instead of having them sit or stew in their own juices. The results are impressive: crispier products and a cleaner oven!

Stop by booth #138 in the South Hall to visit us and check out our pans!




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