LloydPans Makes Commitment to World Pizza Champions

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May 1, 2018
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May 15, 2018

Since our founding in 1999, LloydPans has been committed to furthering the advancements of pizza production in the United States and around the world. It started with the development of the best line of pizza pans and pizza tools in the industry and continues today with our sponsorship of The World Pizza Champions™, America’s #1 Pizza Team™.

This team of independent pizza operators competes in competitions around the world, and we’re proud to support them both financially and with the use of our pans. Here are three things about the team to check out.

They have a YouTube channel!

And, it’s fantastic. Be sure to check out the team’s TV appearances and instructional videos on the playlists section. Whether you’re an amateur or professional pizza maker, this channel has something for everyone.

There is a Fastest Box Folding competition

Check out this video and tell us you’re not amazed at the speed these pizza boxes are being folded! Then, try it out yourself and you’ll be even more amazed. In addition to the fastest box folding competition, there also are acrobatic, fastest dough and largest dough competitions.

They taught Al Roker how to toss a pie

Another great video, this one featuring Tony Gemignani teaching Al Roker how to toss a pizza. We especially like the over the shoulders trick at 2:15.

Want to know more about The World Pizza Champions™? Check out their website!

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