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April 27, 2018
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What’s a Grandma pizza? What’s the difference between a Grandma pizza and a Sicilian pizza?  Where did Grandma pizzas even start? We had these exact same questions a couple of years ago, researched the answers and went to work creating the perfect pan to bake the perfect Grandma pizza. We love this style of pizza, and have compiled some recent news and links about Grandma pizzas.

Watch: How the First Grandma Pie Gained a Massive Following

This is where it all started. A pizzeria in Long Island owned by Umberto Corteo. Today, many pizza experts still say Umberto’s serves the best Grandma pizzas in the world. Check out this great video from Eater New York, which includes a visit to the famed pizzeria.

Grandma vs. Sicilian pizza: Do You Know the difference?

It’s a question that we’ve debated quite a bit, and one that we’re often asked from our customers. Watch this video and read the story for some great insight into the subtle but significant differences in the two pies.

Grandma Pizza: The Full Story

This Newsday article does a great job providing a solid history of Grandma pizza from Umberto’s to the current craze and even variations of the popular pizza.

Grandma Pie Is the Pizza Style You’ve Been Missing Out On

Tasting Table not only provides some great background on Grandma pizzas, but also shows some amazing pictures of Grandma pizzas from Luigi’s Pizza and Aldo’s II.

Grandma Pizza? Rarely Seen New York-Style Pizza Arrives in Phoenix

Want to know how far this New York pizza trend has gone? Check out this extensive article from the Arizona Republic about a local pizzeria that is bringing Grandma pizzas to Arizona.


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