Pizza MREs, Artisan Pizza Crusts and Chocolate Pizza

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March 12, 2018
PizzaExpo Proves Why It’s the Best Show in Town
March 29, 2018

Have you been too busy trying to craft the perfect Detroit-style pizza to keep up with the latest news in the pizza industry? We’ve got you covered!

When you’re outside the delivery zone….

Pizza is finally coming to the soldiers of the United States Army! A team of Army scientists have figured out how to make a Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) pizza. The first shelf-stable pepperoni pizza will be assembled into MREs beginning this month. Learn how the Army did it here.

PizzaExpo session details how to make grandma pizza and more

If you attend one session at #PizzaExpo, make sure it’s Tony Gemignani’s Wednesday demonstration, titled “Prepping and Baking Authentic New York, Sicilian, Grandma and Neopolitan Pies. After the session, stop by LloydPans booth #609 to check out our pans!

From conventional to artisan pizza crusts

This great article from Pizza Today looks at the increasing number of pizzerias making “artisan” pizza crusts. Although no official definition exists, these artisan doughs generally have higher hydration levels and slow fermentation times.

Old news proven with new science: pizza is a motivator

Put a box of free pizzas in the lunch room of any workplace and you’ll see grown men and women acting like they just won the lottery. We’ve all seen it, but now we have the science to prove that pizza is indeed a motivator. Learn how you can motivate your team with free pizza.

Does this dough cross the line?

On this blog and through our Facebook page, we’ve covered the controversial topics of cauliflower crusts, fruit toppings and ranch dressing. However, we weren’t expecting the latest “innovative” new product: Chocolate Pizza Dough. Find out who’s doing it and why in this article from PMQ.


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