America’s Favorite Fast Food Restaurant, Cold Brew Cocktails and More!

Cyber Monday Bringing Big Deals to
November 15, 2017
Cauliflower Crusts, Sticky Hands and Geogian “Pizza”
November 28, 2017

LloydPans takes a look at what’s going on in the foodservice industry by spotlighting our five favorite stories.

Survey says…the most popular fast food chains

The votes are in…and Wendy’s takes home top honors for best fast food franchises in America, according to Rounding out the top three: Subway and KFC. See who else made the Top 10!

Now Accepting Reservations for Thanksgiving

It used to be a holiday for restaurants, but now Thanksgiving is an opportunity to increase sales. Nation’s Restaurant News takes a look at how restaurants throughout the United States are serving customers on Thursday.

Cold brew coffee expands into cocktail menus

Iced and cold brew coffee has taken cafes by storm, and now this popular caffeinated drink is finding its way on cocktail menus. Total Food Service takes a look at the trend and even includes three great cold brew cocktails.

California says no to junk food marketing

In schools at least. The state’s governor recently signed into law a bill that bans the marketing of junk food and beverages in schools. Read more about it here.

Panera acquires Au Bon Pain

Seeking to expand on a retail footprint of 2,050 restaurants, Panera recently acquired Au Bon Pain and its 304 bakery cafes. The acquisition gives Panera reach in the non-commercial space, which includes office buildings, malls, healthcare facilities and more. Read more here.


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