Strawberries on Pizza, Generation Z Spending and Thanksgiving Pizza!

What’s a Grandma pizza and why is everyone starting to make them?
October 30, 2017
2018 Food Trends, Frosted Sugar Cookie Popcorn and the NACS Show
November 6, 2017

Too busy to read the latest and greatest pizza industry news? LloydPans has you covered! We’ve compiled some of our favorite articles about the industry. Read and enjoy!

Strawberries on pizza? Social media weighs in.

Talk about going viral! One tweet, one image and one caption that “strawberries>>pineapples” spurred a social media debate about whether or not these berries (or any fruit for that matter) belong on pizza. Read the story and decide for yourself! Strawberries on pizza?

Are you capitalizing on Gen Z’s preference for dining out?

This article by Pizza Marketplace takes a look at how pizza operators can increase sales through Generation Z’s penchant for spending most of their money on food.  Another interesting finding about this generation: only about 5% of them plan meals in advance.

Detroit-style pizza continues to grow in popularity.

PMQ Magazine says what we’ve been saying all year. Detroit-style pizza is officially a popular trend in the food and beverage industry. Read the article then head over to our website and buy our much-written about Detroit-style pizza pans.

Pizza for Thanksgiving? DO IT!

We’re pizza lovers here, but even we take a break on Thanksgiving and serve a traditional turkey with all of the fixings. Not this year, though! Check out this Thanksgiving Pizza recipe and tell us you’re not tempted to put a new spin on Turkey Day.

Lessons from the pizza business.

Check out this article from PizzaToday with Michael Shepherd of Our favorite lesson: “The customers are not always right, but we need to make sure they think they are.”

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