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July 6, 2017
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July 17, 2017

It’s summer time, and consumers are craving proteins straight from the grill. Steaks, chicken, seafood and more, all with the beautiful grill marks that elevate the appearance of the food, and lead to a satisfied customer.

Only problem? Your restaurant may not have the right grill to impart these perfect marks. In fact, your restaurant or pizzeria may just have a conventional, conveyor or speed bake oven. This was a common problem, so LloydPans’ pan solutions experts set out to fix it. They succeeded with the development of our Diamond Grill Pans™.

The starting point of our solution was the LloydPans Test Kitchen. This high-tech lab is stocked with almost every type of oven, but it also is staffed by a team of engineers, manufacturers and food scientists dedicated to solving problems.

For our baking portion of the project, we used three different types of ovens: a conventional home oven, an XLT 1832 impingment conveyor oven and High-h-Batch Turbochef high speed oven.

The perfect coating

We then set about working on our favorite part of all of our projects, the pan! We started with a rectangle shape to fit all types of ovens. Next, we shifted our efforts to the coating. We tested multiple options and settled on our Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote™ (PSTK) permanent easy-release coating.

This coating has proven successful in the pizza industry due to its popularity with top franchises and pizza experts. The coating is known for its durability and ease-of-use. Foodservice operators don’t have to pre-season the pans, and the coating is permanent. The stick-resistant coating also will not chip, peel or flake off. Plus, the coating’s dark finish bakes hotter and faster than bare aluminum.

Next, we started testing patterns on the pan that would allow us to impart grill marks on proteins. After significant testing, we settled on a diamond pattern, which mimics most grill marks and encourages exceptional searing.

Next, we ran countless bake tests on multiple ovens to set a baseline for performance. One of the first things we discovered was that the pans never needed to be oiled. To obtain a perfect sear, it was only necessary to oil the protein. We also discovered it was imperative to pre-heat the pan.

For conventional ovens, optimal results were obtained with an oven temperature between 550°F and 600°F. A quick and firm press of the protein onto the pan, and a bake of about 3-4 minutes per side yielded a perfectly cooked and seared protein.

In the conveyor oven, we ran the pan through a full-pass to preheat it, pressed the protein on the pan and ran it through the oven. It’s not necessary to run through multiple times as long as the seared side is served up.

In a speed bake oven, the temperatures were lower than the conventional oven, coming in at 450°F to 500°F. Again, a quick press of the protein and we were off to a perfect sear.

Finally, we had to name the pan. That one was easy: Diamond Grill Pans™! We’re thrilled with the end result and so are our customers.


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