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June 9, 2017
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June 20, 2017

What a show! As usual, the NRA Show descended upon Chicago and lived up to its billing as the best trade show for the restaurant industry. We were proud to be exhibiting and showcasing our complete line of foodservice, pizza and baking pans and equipment.

If you didn’t make it to the show, we compiled this list of the most common questions we received from exhibitors. After reading, make sure to go to LloydPans website and check out our complete line of pans and foodservice equipment.

I’ve never heard of LloydPans? What makes you different?

This is probably the most common questions we received. While our pans are used around the world by some of the biggest pizza chains and best restaurants, we’re not as “known” as some of our competitors. So, what makes us different? Here are five fast facts.

  1. Our pans are made in the USA.
  2. We have developed a proprietary coating system that outperforms and outlasts traditional non-stick coatings.
  3. We sell a complete line of baking, pizza and foodservice pans, and you can buy them online.
  4. We sell direct and through distributors.
  5. We have the best custom pan capabilities in the industry.

Where are you located? Do you ship worldwide?

Our facility is located in Spokane Valley, Washington. Here, we manufacture our pans as well as conduct extensive testing, quality assurance and research and development.

What’s the difference between the “black” pans and the “silver” ones?

LloydPans offers two proprietary water-based, stick-resistant coatings. The “silver” coating is called Silver-Kote™ and the “black” coating is called Dura-Kote™. These coatings outperform and outlast any other cookware or bakeware finish with little or no special seasoning or handling. For a side-by-side comparison of the coatings with bare aluminum, check out our proprietary pan coatings here.

How can I take advantage of your customization capabilities?

We’ve establish a reputation in the industry for our custom pan capabilities. We make our products in the USA, and employ a team of expert manufacturing professionals. As a result, we can turn around custom pan requests in less time and with less minimums than you might expect. Learn more about our custom pan capabilities.

Can I buy my pans online?

Yes! And, we offer great volume discounts at http://www.lloydpans.com/.



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