What’s new in the pizza industry, from asparagus pizza to pizza burgers

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April 25, 2017
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May 4, 2017

It’s been a busy couple of months for the pizza industry. Pizza Expo came and went, Detroit-style pizzas continued to grow in popularity throughout the United States and Domino’s is testing robot pizza delivery in Europe!

We know our pizza customers have been busy as well, and probably have not had the opportunity to keep up with the latest headlines. Great news! Your friends at LloydPans have put together these links to some of our favorite pizza stories you may have missed.

Domino’s pizza posts impressive numbers

Same store sales up 10.2%, 28 new stores in the United States and 161 net new stores internationally. Impressive start to the year for Domino’s Pizza Inc. Read all about the company’s Q12017 financial results.

Seasonal pizza launch for MOD Pizza

This Seattle-based pizza chain is banking on the springtime favorite, asparagus, to drive consumers to its more than 200 locations. The company’s latest seasonal launch, called the Crosby, combines asparagus with MOD’s house-made red sauce, mild sausage and shredded mozzarella. The pizza is finished with a swirl of fig balsamic glaze and sprinkle of sea salt.

Papa John’s launches organic pilot programs

Shifting consumer preferences have caused many pizza chains to experiment with organic and gluten-free products. Papa John’s is the latest, as the company announced two pilot programs looking into the use of organic products, such as Roma tomatoes, green peppers, yellow mushrooms and onions.

Mashup craze comes to pizza restaurants

It started with music, but has slowly crept into the food industry, and now we’re seeing mashups influence pizza menus. What’s a mashup? Combine two popular things to create a whole new thing. Meathead! Pizza took on the challenge by creating a new pizza burger.

Does your pizzeria need a design?

This year, we’ve already seen conflicting articles about the return of the old school pizzeria and the necessity of a new take on restaurant design. Check out this article on the functional factors impacting pizzeria design.

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