Wedding Cake Trends and the Wedding Cake Pans to Bake Them

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March 21, 2017
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A white wedding dress. That’s about the only thing in weddings that will remain in fashion year-over-year. This is especially true for wedding cakes, which have evolved from simple sheet cakes to elaborate tiered cakes to even cupcakes and pre-made Twinkies.

So how is a baker to keep up with all of these trends, and how are they supposed to ensure they have all of the pans necessary to bake beautiful wedding cakes? To answer the question about trends, we turned to our customers and The Knot, one of the most trusted sources in 2017 wedding cake trends.

Top Wedding Cake Trends

1. Naked Wedding Cakes
Yes, naked. As in no icing on the sides of the pan, which exposes the interior of the cake for all to see. When baking a naked cake, pan choice is essential, as you can’t cover any imperfections with fondant or icing. For traditional pans, this means lots of pre-seasoning oil. Or, you can use our wedding cake pans with our permanent coating that offers easy release and does not need to be pre-seasoned before baking. See examples of Naked Wedding Cakes.

2. Geometric Wedding Cakes
Squares, rectangles and circles are not new to wedding cakes, but how bakers are using these traditional shapes in unique manners is impressive. LloydPans has you covered with square pans, round pans, half-round pans and custom wedding cake pans. See examples of Geometric Wedding Cakes.

3. Custom Wedding Cakes
Every bride wants to be unique, and part of baking wedding cakes is figuring out how to execute a bride’s “interesting” and challenging idea. Start by talking to our custom pan specialists here.

4. Wedding Cake Trios
Why settle for one cake. How about three? Or maybe, a cake plus cupcakes plus a stack of macarons? For your pan needs, check our cake pan sets and benefit from volume discounts. See examples of dessert tables and wedding cake trios.

5. Off-Set Wedding Cakes
Although not to the extreme of a Picasso painting, these types of cakes take an artistic approach to creating a unique presentation. See an example of an offset wedding cake.

All of our wedding cake pans come in hundreds of size configurations and a variety of diameters and depths. Our contour cake pans are perfect for wedding cake bakeries, as the pans’ rounded edges and up to 4-inch depth provide the perfect pan for rolled fondant cakes. Not only will these pans give a perfectly baked edge, eliminating carving, but also eliminate the crumbs associated with such work.

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