Beyond custom pans: How custom racks, stands and cabinets can increase efficiencies

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January 23, 2017
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February 13, 2017

Most bakers or pizza chefs have found themselves needing custom pans at one time or another. But what about rolling racks, stands and cabinets? These pieces of equipment are often taken for granted, but did you know some slight modifications and customizations can turn these bakery and restaurant staples into time and cost efficiencies?

Here are three fun custom projects we worked on last year.

Custom Rolling Rack Tower


The rolling rack tower is found in almost every bakery and restaurant. But did you know you’re not stuck with standard sizing? We manufacture quite a few rolling racks, and work with our customers to customize overall dimensions, distance between shelving, door type and more. Our most common order is 66” tall, with a 1.5” clearance between stainless steel wire shelves. However, we accommodate any sizing because we manufacture all of our own products, including the custom pans to go in the custom rolling racks.

We use a lightweight aluminum frame on these racks, and position the snaps along the entire length and width of the durable, marine-grade vinyl door. This allows maximum control when accessing product for immediate use, and doesn’t expose product intended for longer storage to the drying effects of air.

Custom Cabinet


Another recent example of LloydPans innovative response to a call for custom equipment involved a stackable mobile transport cabinet for a specific size and number of assembled products. The cabinet needed to be enclosed on all sides to keep food prepared in one location from drying out as it was being moved to another facility, where baking would occur.

Also on the checklist was the need for it to be light enough to be transported by a single individual without being bulky or awkward. We satisfied the customer with a custom cabinet that was built to their exact specifications.

Custom Oven Stand


Last year, we received a call from a leading oven manufacturer who needed a responsive supplier for a stainless steel stand. LloydPans answered the call, and, with their specifications, created an oven stand that met their requirements at a price savings cost bonus. LloydPans partners with many different manufacturers to both supply and stock their custom products.

Do you have an idea for custom pan or piece of equipment for your restaurant or bakery? Email us and we’ll get to work.

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