Five ways to promote cookie sales

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December 27, 2016
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Lloyd Pans can design a unique cookie cutter for your bakery, but success is in the finishing touches.

High quality decorating and thoughtful marketing and merchandising strategies can give your cookie sales an extra boost. Cookies are fun, so keep your promotions fun too. Here are some ideas to get your creative cookie juices flowing:

Merchandise for impulse sales: If you’re offering cookies for retail sale, position them near cash registers, in showcases at children’s eye level or near complementary products, like milk or party supplies, for example.

Create cookies for minor holidays: Christmas and Valentine’s cookies are great, but everybody offers them. Find other holidays or events that deserve a cookie. Groundhog Day? National Peanut Butter Cookie Day? Local celebrations? Your customers will thank you for providing another excuse to eat a cookie.

Bring cookies into the debate: Whether it is a presidential election or hot current event, create a cookie for each side of the debate. Customers can then vote with their cookie purchase.

Party size them: Cookies are ideal for large groups because they are easy to eat and share. Offer giant and/or mini versions of your creative cookies, and design cookie packages and platters to best serve parties.

Promote, promote, promote your cookie creativity

Once your cookie idea is developed, promote your efforts wherever you can. Send samples to local radio or TV stations. Post cookie events and photos on your website and on-line social media outlets. Contact special interest groups who might have extra demand for your unique cookies. News about your cookie promotion can spread quickly in our instant media world, but you have to plant the seeds to get the ball rolling.

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