Cakes from Around the World: Christmas Cake

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December 27, 2016

Various countries have unique desserts and cakes to offer during December, and no matter how you celebrate, it’s sure to bring a delicious touch to your table.

The American Christmas season encompasses Santa Claus, $500 grocery store visits, increased food consumption, Christmas television specials, cakes, chocolate and family. In England, the Christmas season is not complete without last minute late night Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas, Boxing Day, Christmas cake and a roast Christmas dinner with crackers. In the Philippines, midnight mass on Christmas Eve, the traditional Noche Buena feast and Pagmamáno—in which the younger generations show respect to elders—play a large role in the Christmas festivities. Christmas is a different experience for people all over the world, as are the Christmas cakes.

In England and other commonwealth nations, a round fruitcake of glace cherries and currents covered in marzipan and hard, white satin or royal icing is served at Christmas. This is not the only popular Christmas cake in the United Kingdom, however, as Whisky Dundee, originating from Scotland, also is a popular Christmas cake. This cake does not include cherries or icing, but is flavored with currents, sultanas and almonds.

Quality fruitcake?

Although most people in the United States and many parts of Europe consider fruitcake Christmas cake, this is not the case in other parts of the world.

In Japan, a sponge cake with strawberries and whipped cream is consumed on Christmas Eve and a little further south in the Philippines, residents enjoy a yellow pound cake soaked in brandy or rum with macerated nuts.

Bread variations sometimes are served as a Christmas cakes too. In Italy and some countries in Europe and South America, including Germany, France, Peru and Argentina, a sweet bread loaf, Panettone, filled with candied fruits and raisins is served.

Regardless of the type of cake this Christmas has in store, Lloyd Pans manufacturers commercial cake pans to perfect a Christmas cake of any variation.

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